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Cindarn Packaging traces its origins to Cindarn Plastics a Baltimore based thermoformer who manufactured custom blisters, clamshells and trays starting in 1960. As the demand for plastic packaging skyrocketed, the company grew rapidly. After several moves to accommodate its growing business, the company relocated in 1979 to Baltimore's first enterprise zone in the northwest section of the city, the site where President Ronald Reagan promoted his federal enterprise zone program in 1982.

In those early years, Cindarn supplied many of the first plastic packages to companies like Western Electric, Noxell Corporation and Becton-Dickinson.


In 1975, the United States Department of the Army selected Cindarn to manufacture its seal for the 200th anniversary of the founding of the US Army. These wall plaques were created using distortion silk screening and post-forming spray painting. The plaques were distributed to every US senator and Army facility.

While focusing on its core packaging business, the company branched out - adding a holiday decorations division that became a major supplier of 3-dimensional wall plaques, with its products found in the largest retailers in the United States. A few years later, a drinking straw division was added.

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As our customers' needs started to change, Cindarn began manufacturing overseas as well as continuing to operate our factory in Baltimore. The initial emphasis was on the decorations business and the company entered into joint ventures with manufacturers in Korea and Taiwan in 1985.

Later, additional capacity was added by working with a factory in Mexico. In 1987, the first custom packaging project was completed for Reader's Digest at the Mexican factory.

Meanwhile, the Baltimore factory continued to reach beyond its packaging products. One of the more interesting projects was the development and manufacture of plastic forms that were placed in the ground to allow home owners an easy-to-use grid for building brick patios in different patterns. Another unique project was created for CBS Toys where we manufactured printed computer covers on flexible plastic for their Sesame Street computer games. These covers fit tightly over the keyboard and made them kid-friendly.

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At the request of our customers, we expanded our product line in China to include paper and plastic folding boxes, pouches, injection molding and blow molding among other categories. We began shipping to locations throughout the world. In 2018, we began supplying cork products from Portugal and in 2019 we will open operations in Vietnam.

Today, Cindarn remains a family owned business with the main headquarters and warehouse in Baltimore and a sales office in Orlando. We have dedicated staff in the United States, Hong Kong and China committed to servicing our customers in any way we can.

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