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Network of Domestic and Overseas Manufacturing


Cindarn has joined with several existing overseas packaging companies in joint manufacturing ventures while continuing to produce packaging in the USA. This gives our customers the best of all worlds. We offer lower cost options overseas. But when the lead time is short, we can produce the same package through our domestic sources. Overseas, we control the manufacturing process insuring that our customers get the package they want.


The most flexible warehousing program

Cindarn operates warehouses in Baltimore, Los Angeles and China. We will take your forecasts, produce the product and put the goods into one of our warehouses. Then you can release product as required. Once the pipeline is filled, you have a one day turnaround on shipments. And, because you don't pay until after you receive the goods, you are prepared for surges in business without tying up your cash flow.


Coordinating the package from design stage through production

We are easily accessible and available to our customers from our headquarters in Baltimore. When you need to sit down and discuss a project, we are there. We will submit finished samples, for approval, so there is no guessing as to what the package will look like. We then usher the product from design through production, coordinating with our production facilities in the United States and China. Our quality control team is on line to oversee the production process.


Flexible terms allowing for the most feasible structure

  We work with our customers on Net 30 payment terms. As mentioned in our warehousing program, we allow our customers to order up to 1 years worth of inventory and pay for the product per quantity release. The combination of the inventory program with our flexible payment terms allows our customers the most economical and efficient process for their orders.


Coordinating all of the components for a project

In many cases, the package you need requires several components, perhaps a box and a tray and a printed insert. So do you work with different factories and hope everything comes together correctly? Or do you employ one factory and have them subcontract the other components? Cindarn offers the best option. Because of our vested interest in eight factories in China, we are able to coordinate all the elements of the package and easily execute the process to insure that all parts fit together as intended.


Easy shipments anywhere in the world

From our three warehouses, we are able to arrange shipments anywhere in the world, arranged by our own logistics team. In the last ten years, we have shipped to customers in the U.S., China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada, England, and Honduras among others.

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